Britney Spears last minute casting for GI Joe

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Oops (or should that be ‘aargh’?) – she did it again.

Ms Spear’s sophomore feature length outing has been announced as a last minute addition to the skintight, action-man troupe action film that is GI Joe. Continuing her rollercoaster-track comeback trail, Britney will follow on from her well-received ‘Circus’ album and poorly received X-Factor performance with a high-flying role in Stephen Sommer’s adaptation of America’s favourite action figure.

The film’s co-executive producer Sally Drifapoo said: “Britney is sure to be an amazing addition to the cast. She has more than enough acting experience, and her recent performances in both the Toxic and Circus videos proves she can handle high-octane stunts alongside sensitive character moments.”

Either way, we here at OTB are in sure-found agreement that it’ll be interesting in the least. If only to see Sienna Miller’s twitchy-eyed neuroseses fly to life in the face of a more famous… (we were going to say ‘prettier’) model.

Remember Britters:
GI ‘JOE’, not ‘Jane‘. No need to shave off that hair again.

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  1. Nige says:

    What the hell? When is she gonna realise she can’t act, can’t sing, can’t do anything other than make a mess of herself in public.

  2. Bull says:

    I call it. Total April Fools.