Men In Black Comeback Attack! No. 3 on the way!

April 2, 2009 by  
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Considering Will Smith’s recent onslaught of biopics and serious ‘I’m a proper actor, I am’ character pieces, it’s not that surprising to hear he could be suiting up for a return to one of his breeziest, most mass-abaiting roles.

The Showest film Tradeshow in Las Vegas was the setting for a Sony spokesman to confirm Men in Black 3 is in development.

The first was an undeniable ‘switch ya brain off’ classic and we’re looking forward to see how Sony updates it nearly 10 years on.

Now if someone could just find one of those flash sticks to erase the memories of Men in Black 2.

Oh, and while we’re at it – PLEASE no more failing Paedophilic pop-star cameos please (anyone remember Wacko Jacko’s head-spinning cameo in Number Two?).

We don’t think we could take it if they replaced Tommy Lee Jones with Gary Glitter – just imagine the Smith/Glitter theme tune collaboration.

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