Fame Trailer Out Now: Thank Heavens for Spandex and The Splits!

April 6, 2009 by  
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Eat your heart out Britannia High, Fame is coming to our screens once again – except this time, the soundtrack is more Destiny’s Child, less Dancing on The Ceiling (Fear not Lionel Ritchie, I still have mad love for you homes).

I blame Justin Lee Collins, it’s all this Bring Back… stuff that spawns rubbish re-makes. What’s wrong with sitting down and writing something new? Isn’t that what all the big studios pay these writers for? Is the idea of an original concept completely null and void? For the avid film viewer it’s just so incredibly frustrating it moves one to take up meditation and group hugs as a means of finding inner peace.

Regardless of the repetitive re-make rant, the film that spawned an obsession with perms and leg warmers can’t possibly be touched by this sugar-coated monstrosity. Having watched the trailer, it looks like a bunch of sweaty American Idol rejects who were promised great things if they would just sell their souls to MGM. Rubbish, with a capital R.

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