Harry Potter and Crabbe’s Cannabis Scandal!

April 8, 2009 by  
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I’ve always wondered why they never taught Harry Potter about the power of magic mushrooms, but regardless of this oversight, one of Malfoy’s lackey’s has been flying on his proverbial broomstick with the help of a sneaky joint, and £2,000 worth of cannabis plants.

Jamie Waylett who plays the hulking goon, Crabbe (half of Crabbe and Goyle) in the Potter franchise, was stopped by police in his Audi car, which was found to contain eight bags of weed. The Police then promptly made a call to Waylett’s house where they found a further ten plants, neatly stowed away between the actor’s broomstick, a pile of illicit photos of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe voodoo doll (pins sold separately).

This is not the first time Waylett has indulged in an illegal substance, in 2006 he was accused of cocaine abuse by a tabloid rag. Then he claimed it was invisibility powder that he’d sneezed into, causing the sherbert-like substance to spontaneously rush up his nose… convenient.

Now that the chubby chuffer has been arrested, speculation is building about the length of sentence Waylett might receive, given that the maximum term for cannabis production is fourteen years.

There is even talk that Peter Kay might have to step in to replace him in the final movie…

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