Sigourney Weaver named Ultimate Action Hero!

April 15, 2009 by  
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Arnie’s got the accent and the steroids; Sly Stallone’s got wailing “Adriaaaaaaaaan” down to a fine art, and well, Chuck Norris is probably the only ginger martial arts expert in existence. But Sigourney Weaver has got something the rest of those sweaty males can only dream about, and no I don’t mean breasts, I mean the title of Sky Movies Ultimate Action Hero! ( Well, it wasn’t exactly gonna be Matt Damon after his Team America ribbing, was it?!).

In a recent poll to coincide with the channel’s “action season”, Weaver came top after being rated on subjects such as one-liners (“Get away from her, you b*tch”), weapons (insanely big flame thrower) and creative a*s kicking (need I mention the Exosuit?).

There’s no denying that throughout the Aliens franchise, the Weave-a-tron has opened up many a can of whoop-ass. In fact, I think she may be down to her last crate. But in celebration of this glorious accolade, OTB have hand-picked our favourite bone-breaking biatches that (almost) match up to Sigourney’s immense reputation.

All hail the Ball Buster- carrying the torch of feminism in the 21st century! Hoo Rah!

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