Will Arnett poops self – Arrested Development Movie Confirmed!

April 15, 2009 by  
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Finally, Michael Cera has given into the pressure of a nation, nay, the world and has agreed to reprise his role of George Michael Bluth in the (more) eagerly anticipated (than anything else ever), Arrested Development movie.

Arrested star Will Arnett (most recently seen in Monsters Vs. Aliens) confirmed that Cera’s addition means the movie is officially GO GO GO, but acknowledged that the fervour (and borderline mental disorder) of many AD fans (us included) is making him poop himself more than a little:

“There’s no script as of right now, but it’s something that Mitch [Hurwitz] is actively working on and getting ready for, and we’re hoping to start shooting by the end of the year. There are a lot of pieces that have to come together,” he said. “There are what, like, nine cast members plus various other people like Mitch and Ron Howard, and everybody kind of has to get their brain around this one delicious souffle. God, I’ve never known a movie who’s every step of development has been as closely followed. This movie’s gonna be such a disaster.”

The film that will reunite Jason Bateman (Juno) and Portia Di Rossi (Ally McBeal) with all the original cast members, is battling hard to keep its script shrouded in mystery. Creator Mitchell Hurwitz has been slaving away on the project in a darkened room, subsisting on a diet of clam chowder and warm Sprite as Ron Howard whips him repeatedly with a cat o’ nine tails (he’s favouring pirate chic in his old age).

With such a hardcore production regime in place, we at OTB are sure that the movie will be as cult-tastic as the original series.


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