Disney Love To Recycle (Their Movies)

April 20, 2009 by  
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I’ve heard of being eco-friendly, but this kind of recycling is just plain lazy.

It has been revealed that in an effort to churn out a carousel of cartoon capers, Disney have become heavily reliant on re-using some of their most famous animation sequences. If you look at the pictures below you may be fooled into thinking this was some kind of “Spot The Difference” exercise, but in reality, “Spot The Similarities” would be a more pertinent title.

Who’d of thunk it? The trees in the Hundred Acre Woods bear a startling resemblance to those in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh! Oh hang on, wait a minute, nope, it’s a money saving technique known in the industry as “rotoscoping” (which is just a fancy word for tracing). But these were highly paid super-illustrators, not nursery children, why did they have to cut so many corners?

1973’s Robin Hood is the worst offender, copying scenes from The Aristocats, and Snow White willy nilly. You wouldn’t catch Dreamworks’ high flying digital animators doing that now, would you?

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