Sex Drive Review: Virgin on Hilarious

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SEX DRIVE: Released on DVD and Blue-Ray from Monday 4th May 2009

What is it with Americans and their first sexual experience?

I’m pretty sure no other country in the world places so much pant-wetting significance on popping one’s cherry as they seem to do in the majority of US films about teens and, occasionally, grown men.

OK, so we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, but that just proves we’re getting out there and getting some rather than sitting in our bedrooms agonising over it like a whiny little girl. Go team UK!

The latest in a long line of neurotic virgins to be thrown our way is Ian in Sean Ander’s Sex Drive. Ian is a classic cinematic hormone-drenched teen who sprays his shorts at the merest suggestion of getting jiggy. At the weekend he hands out coupons at the mall dressed as a giant Mexican donut while lusting after the throngs of scantily clad females that seem to congregate there like bees around a honey pot.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been to several American malls and while you may, if you’re very lucky, glimpse the odd Playboy Bunny slinking out of Victoria’s Secret, you’re far more likely to be surrounded by morbidly obese families stocking up on syrup from the giant Candy Mart.

Taking the advice of his unlikely lady-magnet friend Lance, Ian steals his brother GTO Judge and sets off on a cross-country road trip to find the gorgeous girl he’s been talking to online and finally lose his V-plates. Also accompanying Ian and Lance on the trip is Ian’s drop-dead gorgeous ‘dress-her-in-a-grunge-outfit-and-no-one-will-notice’ childhood best friend Felicia. Wonder how this one is going to pan out, then? Yes it’s predictable and yes there’s the same teen sex-comedy formula at work here but Sex Drive is definitely one of the better ones, if not best I’ve seen.

James Marsden is hilarious as Ian’s ultra-macho, sexually repressed older brother Rex and Seth Green does a great turn as a super sarcastic Amish guy who offers a helping hand. For everyone who has lived through the awkwardness of adolescence Sex Drive’s humour is dead-on and at times excruciating to watch. And like most people’s teenage years, it’s packed full of wet dreams and gay jokes – not to mention old men’s genitals, crazy red-necks and a talking Jean Claude Van-Damme poster.

Fortunately the humour is just the right side of childish so you don’t feel too bad for finding it so funny.

Jack McKay

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