Ryan Reynolds in X-Men: Origins Sequel?

May 6, 2009 by  
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Ryan Reynolds. There’s just something behind those eyes that’s… well, not quite right.

We’ve tried to like him, we even indulged in a marathon Reynolds Appreciation Session featuring Van Wilder, Definitely Maybe and Just Friends. We didn’t even make it to Blade Trinity, he’s just so blooming fake. It’s borderline sickening.

Therefore, you can imagine we weren’t thrilled by the news that, following the success of Wolverine, the powers that be in Hollyweird are looking to make a Deadpool movie. That’s right: Reynolds in the spotlight as a mouthy mercenary – two hours of whining disguised as comedy. We cannot imagine anything worse.

Like Doctor Cox’s aversion to Hugh Jackman, there is simply nothing we can do about our Reynolds-rage. Maybe if he used his mutant powers to grow a new face things would be different. Sigh…

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