Keanu Reeves Goes Crazy For Jekyll

May 11, 2009 by  
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The story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde conjures up a timeless image of a Victorian gent, the victim of violent schizophrenia, running wild through London’s greying murk. I also like to imagine a wall eye and a maniacal laugh, but that’s maybe just me. What I do not imagine, or ever hope to, is for Keanu Reeves to ruin this horror classic with his poor excuse for “acting”.

The man must have cardboard running through his veins, he looks that uncomfortable on camera. Reeves’ idea of poignant is probably to stare blankly into the distance and exclaim “Woah.” We cannot have him ruining this institution with his pitiful attempts at character acting.

Thank Spielberg and all that is holy; Guillermo Del Toro is thinking of taking on a similar project. Let’s just hope it poops on Keanu from such a great height that he’ll be up to his neck in crap for all eternity.

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