Sasha Baron Cohen Makes a Rash Decision

May 11, 2009 by  
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Method acting is the only true way that stars can fully commit themselves to a role – just look at Robert Downey Jnr’s “Kirk Lazarus” in Tropic Thunder. A surefire way to immerse yourself in your character is to truly become them: emotionally, metaphorically and painful though it might be, physically.

Now, Sasha Baron Cohen is no stranger to pain; he wore a butt slicing one-sie in Borat and had his guts made into pie-filling in Sweeney Todd, but it seems he has taken his craft one step too far in his preparation for Bruno. After trying to bleach all his body hair (we hear in some, ahem, tender areas) Cohen suffered a nasty rash which left him unable to put bottom to cushion for all of 72 hours. Ouchie.

At least he has the lovely Isla Fisher to kiss him better. We’d be stuck with a circular cushion and told to man it up. There is no justice.

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