Gladiators Ready… For The Movie?!

May 12, 2009 by  
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Get out your big foamy finger and try to contain your excitement, Gladiators is to be made into a movie! Well, not quite the 90’s ITV show we all grew to love, but the sinewy, fake-tanned, American version.

No, wait, what?! At best this might be a pastiche of gritty, dark films like The Running Man at worst it’s going to end up looking like a rubbish version of The Wrestler.

At least if they did a behind-the-scenes mockumentary of the cult phenomena we might actually see some good storylines emerge. The steroid abuse has been done, the Wolf character going into anger management therapy is far too obvious. Hmm maybe a love triangle between Jet, Lightening and Scottish referee John Anderson would spice things up…(Jet you will go on my first whistle, Lightening you will go on my second whistle…ewww!)

All things concerned it’s fair to assume they won’t be asking Ulrika Jonsson to make a cameo appearance. Not after Celebrity Big Brother anyhow.

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