Buffy the Movie – Yay! Sans Joss Whedon – NOOOOOOOOO!

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Imagine you’re teetering on the edge of the eternal voyage. Lying on your deathbed, you hear that your time on this earth has been so prolific and touched so many people that a film will be made of your life.

A grin creeps over your face and you close your eyes peacefully. Until said studio exec mentions that they’re getting Robert Kilroy/Kerry Katona to play you, damning your once happy legacy to a lifetime committed to celluloid, represented by a brainless idiot.


Which, in our roundabout OTB rambling way, is us breaking the news that seminal teen/sci-fi/geek-worship classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer is heading back to the big screen.

Without involvement by Joss Whedon – the only man who (we think) can provide it with the wit, intelligence and tongue-in-cheek metaphors to make it more than just a tacky piece of puff.

For those TV fans who never saw the original movie by Fran Rubel Kazui and Kaz Kazui, you didn’t miss much. Overly camp, limp, scare-less and about as hilarious as a key-swapping party at a morgue, it was solely down to Whedon that the franchise grew into what it was.

Unfortunately, it’s the Kazuis who are aiming to bring it back without Mr Whedon’s help. Or any of the ‘Scooby Gang’ supporting cast.

The pair bought the rights from Whedon in 1992 when he was nary but a scriptwriter toying with the idea of Alien: Resurrection to gain a little cash.

Maybe we’re wrong, but we can’t see this ending in a way other than atrocious.

Waddaya think?

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  1. SazD says:

    OMG!!! Has the world gone crazy?!? HOW can they even think of doing this without Joss?!? It would be the most pointless waste of time, also without the actual cast – just adds to the stupidity of the idea!
    Get Joss and the actual cast in on it and I’m sure it will do waaaaaaaay better!