Ice Age 3 Review: Jurassic Lark

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ICE AGE 3: On general release from Wednesday 3rd July

As anyone who’s visited the crumbling ruins of the Nebraska State Pog & Pokemon Museum will soberly advise, even the coolest of childrens’ fads are all too fleeting.

And they’re the lucky ones – the memorial to commemorate the 17 lives lost in the Tokyo Furby landfill disaster of 2007 isn’t far off completion.

So, blasphemous as it may appear, it’s clear that even the box-office dominating Ice Age franchise will likely wither away into the hazy, fragmented teenage memories of even the most crazed 21st century tween.

But let’s face it, when it comes to timeless, innately cool childhood adulation, dinosaurs are up there with the Fonz and Jedis. Which is why the third in the franchise not only manages to claw its way back from cinematic extinction, but it does so roaring.

Woolly mammoths Ellie and Manny are up the duff, saber-toothed tiger Diageo is contemplating Gay adoption? Stranger things….

Jacko too shocking for Bruno

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Whodathunkit? It appears professional envelope-pusher Sacha Baron Cohen has a conscience.

Minutes before Thursday night’s US premiere of Bruno he decided to cut an entire scene from the movie, believing it to be in bad taste after Michael Jackson’s death.

In the scene, Baron Cohen’s mega-camp Austrian alter-ego Bruno is in an interview with LaToya when he mocks her brother by trying to find his number on her phone.

A studio source commented: “Even in the often-shocking comedy, jokes at the expense of the late Mr Jackson would have been in really poor taste.”

The scene will not be restored for the film’s worldwide release on the 10th of July. We can only keep our fingers crossed for it turning up on the DVD.

The Firm Trailer

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Loosely adapted from Alan Clarke’s 1989 classic TV film, Nick Love’s film is set earlier in the 80’s and retells a similar story to the original – but from a different character’s point of view. The film centers on Dom, a young wannabe football casual, who get drawn into the charismatic but dangerous world of the firm’s top boy, Bex.

Accepted for the fast mouth and sense of humour, Dom soon becomes one of the boys. But as Bex and his gang clash with rival firms across the country and the violence spirals out of control, Dom realises he wants out – until he learns it’s not that easy to simply walk away.

The Firm is on general release across the UK from Friday 25th September, 2009.

Is Noah Wyle the Next John Connor?

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Eveyone’s favourite junkie doctor Noah Wyle – who until very recently played ER‘s resident smackhead Dr John Carter – has signed up to star in an alien invasion TV pilot for channel TNT with writer-director Robert Rodat and executive producer Steven Spielberg.

Wyle, who also starred in The Librarian series of TV films (yeah, they set our world alight too), will play the leader of a ragtag group of soldiers and civilians who are fighting back after an alien force has wiped out most of the human population.

The series is based on an idea that Rodat and Spielberg came up with, and was written by Rodat who also penned the phenomenally successful Saving Private Ryan which Spielberg directed.

Spielberg was once involved in the medical drama ER, and at the time said, “it is a privilege to be starting a second series with Noah. The first didn’t do too badly.”

He jokes, but I’m still coming to terms with its conclusion.

Well, What Is Simon Pegg’s ‘Paul’?

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A few weeks back we brought you news about the star-studded line-up of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s forthcoming movie, Paul.

We told you how Paul is Greg Mottola’s new sci-fi comedy written by and starring Pegg and Frost, about a couple of Bits travelling across America and who bump into a fugitive alien, voiced by Seth Rogen.

And that’s about all we have to tell you because from now on you can get all your Paul updates straight from the horse’s mouth.

To keep fans up to date with what’s occurring on set, a production blog has recently gone live at featuring humorous videos and photos from the shoot.

What’s more, the video is shot by Lance Bangs, who directed R.E.M.’s excellent tour film, Road Movie.

So if you like all things Frost and Pegg-like, and we trust you do, pop along to for some fun and high jinks.

Rudo Y Cursi Review: Ay Caramba!

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RUDO Y CURSI: On General Release from Friday 26th June

The cast and crew of Rudo y Cursi reads like a who’s who list of Mexican cinema, which only makes it more disappointing that this film is so utterly futile.

It was the glorious triumvirate of production team Alejandro González Iñárritu (Amores Perros), Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and director Carlos Cuarón (Y tu mama tambien) that led me to this film full of high hopes, only to have them crushed in an avalanche of cliches and predictable set pieces.

Gael Garcia Bernal is back alongside Diego Luna for the first time since You know… THAT incident. Cough….

Year One Review: Ben Durr

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YEAR ONE: On General Release from Friday 26th June 2009.

If the age old adage ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ were to be adapted for film it would read: Never judge a film by its trailer.

I’d seen some clips from the Harold Ramis co-written and directed comedy Year One a while ago and hadn’t been that impressed.

Sure, it starred Michael Cera AND David Cross, and being a fanboy of anything Arrested Development this was a big deal. But nothing in the trailer actually made me laugh or piqued my interest (which is sort of the point of trailers).

Still, I went to the screening with – and I thought this important – an open mind and glowing heart.

I don’t mind admitting that just ten minutes into the film my mind was closing faster than a Read On…

Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

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In Fritz Lang’s 1927 ‘masterpiece’ Metropolis, he depicts the future as a dystopian society based on the communist social crisis between workers and owners. Boooooooring!

What he should have done is wheeled out the smack-talking robots, the flying cars and the holographic sex-simulators. This is what people are waiting for.

Of course, predicting the future is always a risky one. For example, we’re nearly a decade into the 21st century and I’m still waiting for a house-cleaning robot. Thanks for nothing Tomorrow’s World. There’s always that slight fear that it might turn homicidal but anything’s got to be better than scrubbing the toilet yourself.

With that in mind, take a look at these great movie inventions from the future. I swear, if I have to live one more year of my life without some sort of jet-propelled vehicle, I’ll freeze myself in cryogenic stasis until the robots are in charge. Read on for a rather geek-spasm awesome look into the gadgets that never were..

Snyder Watchful of 300 Sequel

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Where does the director of the super cool, super stunning, super hero movie Watchmen go after his recent commercial and critical success?

The answer, as if you had to ask, is where ever he wants.

And what Zack Snyder wants right now, it seems, is in on Frank Miller’s planned sequel to 300.

“I know for a fact that Frank is writing right now,” Snyder told Coming Soon at a Watchmen Blu-Ray event, explaining that the plan is – as it’s always been – to have Miller draw a graphic novel first. “He’s drawing away and seems to be knee-deep in it. I think he’s going to head back to Greece again and do another reconnaissance.”

And according to our sources 300 fans will not be disappointed with the follow-up promising something even more epic in scale.

“I think we would use the same technology… I don’t want it to look too Star Wars-ian. Just from what Frank told me, it would be bigger as far as landscape and terrain.

“We’re going to see Athens and the Aegean and other places. There would be an opportunity for bigger visions, though I’d hope for the same aesthetic.

The tech we used for 300 was not a revolution. It’s basically what the weatherman has! It’s going to be the same way, but on crazier steroids.”


The Oscars Gets Even Longer

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It’s a slog to get through at the best of times with only the truly dedicated (and those with money riding on it) sitting through the entire ceremony.

But according to the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences – better known as the Oscars – the evening still isn’t as expansive as it should be and it has announced that next year’s event will feature an expanded Best Picture category.

Many believe that the decision to expand the list of nominated films from 5 to 10 is a response to the heavy criticism over the exclusion of The Dark Knight from last year’s Best Picture race.

However Sid Ganis, President of the Academy, thinks having 10 Best Picture nominees is going to allow Academy voters to include some of the movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories, but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize.

He said: “The final outcome, of course, will be the same – one Best Picture winner – but the race to the finish line will feature 10, not just five, great movies from 2009,” adds Ganis. “I can’t wait to see what that list of ten looks like when the nominees are announced in February.”

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