Johnny Depp: “Movies make me sick”

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Johnny Depp has revealed that the sheer amount of effort he puts into his roles often leaves him sick for weeks afterwards.

Speaking to ContactMusic, Depp said that he never feels sick during the production, it’s only until after filming’s done that he’s stricken with illness.

“After I made The Libertine, I was in bed for two weeks. When you’re working, you don’t get sick, then suddenly it hits you like a two-by-four.”

With a busy schedule of films coming up, it’s a wonder that the star isn’t bed-ridden more often than he’s well.

Depp’s next film will be the hotly anticipated Public Enemies directed by Michael Mann alongside the perpetually gravelly-throated anger-prone Terminator star Christian Bale.

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  1. Oh No You Didn't !!! says:

    Oh Boo hoo hoo,stop whining Mr.D!!!The man is one of the highest paid celebs on the planet,and he’s complaining about getting sick???He hasn’t done much since the last Pirates movie,and he’s only recently finished filming the “Parnassus” movie.They finished filming “Public Enemies” last year,soooooooooooo,he’s had a lot of “down time”.You write this article as if you are sympathetic toward him,and you point out the “sheer amount of effort” that he puts into every role,would you expect anything less from him,especially with the salary he gets?? He should be doing all of his own stunts with the dough he gets!!!

    Now I really take issue with you just dismissing Christian as “gravelly throated” and “anger proned”,WTF!!! That’s all you can say about one of the hardest working,most dedicated actor of our time??? You wanna talk about hard work,passion,sheer dedication,and 110% commitment and effort,have you forgotten that Christian Bale lost over 63 lbs even before he was chosen to play Batman,not to mention the health risks he took,which speaks highly to his dedication.But the man had to literally rush to put on 70+ lbs of muscle to get in shape for the character,then he went even further,he did a lot of his own stunts in both Batman Begins!!!After Batman’s box office success,he did not sit down and rest,he went right into filming “The New World and “Harsh Times”!!! Between filming TDK,he still did not rest on his laurels,he also filmed “The Prestige” and “Rescue Dawn”,which was both physically grueling and emotionally draining.But the incredible Mr. Bale did put out two more great movies within the next year,”3:10 To Yuma” and “I’m Not There”,and he managed to put in some work on “Public Enemies”all after coming off a grueling 8 months of filming TDK,phewwwwww!! You tell me what other actor works that hard in such a short period of time?? During the promo tour of TDK,he was filming “Terminator Salvation”where he spent 77 days shooting in the hot dessert of New Mexico,while Mr.Depp was sipping mai tais on his yacht somewhere!! And is that weren’t enough,he’s getting ready to start production and work on “The Fighter” in July,and all you can talk about is Mr.Depp getting sick after filming a movie??? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

    With the work Christian Bale has done,and the hard work,passion and dedication he has put into his craft,if anyone should be sick,it’s him.He doesn’t even get half the recognition or respect that Johnny does,and he’s been working for over 22 years!!! How dare you insult him like this,and dismiss him as “gravelly voiced” and “anger-proned”!!!! I’m glad he had a “melt down” on the set of TS,and I don’t hold it against him,the man was tired,and had basically zero tolerance at that point,and anyone could lose it,and besides,this finally proved to me that the man is human after all,and he’s not a machine,like so many had perceived him as.He does get angry,and he does have bad days,all actors do,but you may never hear about a lot of things that go on,on the set of many movies.I’m a huge,loyal,and longtime fan of Christian’s and I feel he has suffered enough backlash from the TS incident,and you people need to seriously find someone else to pick on,this is getting tired and old,and to persist on “beating a dead horse”,is not only a waste of time,but it’s also immature,and besides,nobody cares anymore,so move on!!!

  2. Jez Sands says:

    Firstly, it’s just a news article. Depp said that he gets sick after movies and that’s what the news piece was reporting. There was no judgment implied at all.

    Secondly, I’m one of Christian Bale’s biggest fans. I think he’s consistently solid in every film he’s in. Having a pop at him for being “gravelly-throated” and “anger-prone” was just an attempt at humour, it’s not a personal slight.

    “Gravelly-throated” seems fair though since his almost unintelligible portrayal as Bruce “I’m not wearing hockey pants” Wayne and his similar gruffness in T4. And anger prone he is but so what? I’ve got a habit of losing my rag at the slightest provocation. And? If someone described me as “anger-prone” I’d say they were correct.

    So, Christian Bale – one of the best actors of this generation but that doesn’t mean I can’t take my lips off his arse and have a few digs at him now and then.