Wes Craven Admits New Elm Street Is a Nightmare

June 15, 2009 by  
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Wes Craven has said that he has no interest in seeing a remake of his classic horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

He’s admitted that watching the forthcoming remake which features Watchmen star Jack Earle Haley “might be too painful, I might just pretend it’s not there”

“Nobody’s called me or anything – I don’t know what the script’s like, I don’t know who’s in it,” Craven said. “Frankly, that’s painful. It was one of my better ideas and better films, but the fact is that, because I was completely broke [when I sold the script], I completely sold the rights to it.”

Craven is no stranger to reworking his own films , in fact it seems like he’s systematically remaking his back catalogue – Last House on the Left is in cinemas now, The Hills Have Eyes was released in 2006 – but he unlike the new imagining of Elm Street, he had creative control as a producer.

“Last House On The Left, it was a matter of after 30 years the rights came back to me and the producer Sean Cunningham,” he explained. “We had total control of that project. I have no control over the new Nightmare and no participation.”

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