Spawn Again – DiCaprio Wanted for Spawn Remake

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Todd McFarlane has confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio is the first choice to play the lead in the upcoming franchise reboot.

McFarlane who is leading the project said Dicaprio would be the perfect person to play an unnamed protagonist tracking the Image comics character.

“The main character isn’t Spawn, per se, it’s the guy chasing Spawn. And I’ve always had Leonardo in the back of my mind,” he said.

“It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that. It’s not a big special effects movie, it’s a character movie, so I could shoot it in 40 to 50 days and you don’t have to budget that much time.”

Spawn was created by McFarlane in 1992 and follows a former CIA agent betrayed and assassinated by his employers. In a desperate bid to see his family again, he strikes a deal with a devil to return to earth as Spawn.

Made into a movie in 1997 with Michael Jai White in the title role, the original was a critical flop. With the current crop of comic to movie adaptations, it’s ripe for a reboot. It’s currently in pre-production.

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  1. Gilberto says:

    I could not possibly love this more. I just coudln’t. You’re so right with your comments on The Departed. Frankly, I didn’t care much for it and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Mind you I’m a classic film FREAK like, TCM is my go-to channel just like AMC used to be back before it considered Halloween 5 and american movie classic. But I digress.My point is, I’m accustomed to movies with a plot and characterization. I’m used to having to follow along, make discoveries on my own without having them spelled out for me, etc. And I still didn’t see what the big deal was.