Transformers 2 Press Conference: Megan Fox Calls Michael Bay A Tyrant

June 17, 2009 by  
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Team OTB trudged down to Claridges one late afternoon to get the skinny on Transformers 2 for you lovely lovely people.

While there were your usual ‘I’ve been asked this a thousand times before’ stock responses from the assembled starlets (consisting of Shia Labeouf, Sexiest Woman In The World Megan Fox, Director Michael Bay and John Turturro) it did throw up some very amusing moments, including Michael Bay’s ‘private’ home movie of Megan Fox, and her rather public declaration that – as movie rumours have murmured for a long time – he’s actually a bit of a douchebag on set.

Seriously, Kodak moment.

And then, even better, was a rather muppet-y question from one journo attempting to bring Ms Fox to task about her comments on the legalisation of marijuana, and her pitch-perfect smackdown.

We’ve also got Michael Bay’s thoughts on a Transformers 3 and, finally, probably the greatest moment of one man’s life, as Megan Fox inadvertently called him the Sexiest Man on the Planet.

Kodak moment again.

For more Transformer 2 goodness, check out our exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Review. Or for more great OTB vs Celeb moments, head to our video interview with Danny Dyer where he so modestly proclaims his interview with us was the ‘best f*&kin’ interview he’s had all day’. Shucks.

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  1. Grace says:

    “Pitch-perfect smackdown”? Hardly.

    Surely even someone as dim as Ms. Fox would realize that her comments would be widely circulated online for those 12-year-old girls to see, or is she really so daft as to think what’s published in GQ is exclusive to the magazine?

    Ah, and biting the hand that feeds her. Think what you will about Michael Bay, she comes across as an ungrateful twit who tries desperately to be edgy.