Facebook The Movie (Directed by… David Fincher?!)

June 24, 2009 by  
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Here at OTB Villas there’s some serious debate going on as to whether social networking site Facebook is infiltrating every aspect of our human lives in a dastardly Skynet-style conspiracy.

First, the massively addictive, procrastinate-inducing, blue and white cyber juggernaut was confined solely to our computers.

Then it reached our phones and Blackberries with alarming stealth.

Now, it seems, Facebook has broken new ground by becoming a movie. Directed by Davd Fincher. It doesn’t do anything by halves, does it?

Fincher who last made The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, is in serious talks to helm The Social Network, which will trace the evolution of Facebook from its early days to its current position of having over two hundred million members.

There appears to be plenty of drama around the formation of the site and its Harvard student creator Mark Zuckerberg will be the central figure.

Aaron Sorkin has written the script, and Kevin Spacey’s production company is behind the film, with plans to start shooting later in the year.

If they get Brad Pitt on board, I’m taking to the hills with a shotgun to be the resistance.

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