Shane Meadows Gets Set To Scare The Bejeebus Out Of You

July 2, 2009 by  
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Our favourite British indie filmmaker Shane Meadows has spilled the beans on his upcoming horror film Beware The Devil.

The director, best known for fascism-bashing semi-autobiographical drama This Is England and made-on-a-shoestring revenge flick Dead Man’s Shoes recently revealed that his new project is actually based on real events.

He said: ““It’s based on a book of the same name, based on the life of a guy who, by getting involved with ouija boards and the occult by trying to disprove it, trying to take the piss out of it, got possessed, had to be exorcised, and later became an exorcist himself. The guy it happened to has died, but his son’s a novelist, and he helped him turn it into a book before he passed away, and now I’m working with him to turn it into a film.”

Meadows, who has previously described Beware The Devil, as “making Dead Man’s Shoes look like Play School”, is also planning a follow up to his pet project Le Donk & Scorz-ayz-ee which stars long time collaborater and close pal Paddy Considine and is part of Meadows’ Five Day Feature initiative.

“Yeah, the big news is that we’re already thinking about doing another Le Donk. It’ll be another ‘Le Donk And…’, something completely not music based. We’ve come up with a few ideas, and we might just go straight back and do another one, because we had such a laugh doing this one. Not like a sequel in terms of trying to be like the other one, but he’s (Considine) got his missus and his kid’s a bit older, and a whole different set of events. So maybe before I do this next big film, might just go out, grab five days somewhere and knock another out so we can come back (to Edinburgh) next year.”

“So it’ll be something like Le Donk & The Tomb Of The Cursed Fanny and then Beware The Devil. Two complete poles apart opposites, but I think it’s important to keep people guessing a bit, rather than doing the sort of Mickey Shyamalan thing where he does eight scary ones in a row, with the spooky twist at the end.”

Well you can’t argue with that…

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