Bruno Star Faced Death On Set

July 9, 2009 by  
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On his first appearance on US TV out of character, Sacha Baron Cohen confessed how he feared for his life shooting a scene in Bruno, which opens tomorrow.

In a scene where Bruno hosts a cage fight, the crowd urged a towering hulk to kill him.

The serial winder-upper commented: “There were 2,000 drunk good old boys baying for blood.

“I was told not to worry, it would take someone two minutes to climb in the cage. The audience booed me and I challenged them to a fight, thinking I was safe.

“Then a 6ft 8in steroided guy catapulted over the fence in two seconds and stood in front of me as the crowd cheered, ‘Kill him, kill him’.”

He managed to flee through a back door.

Could this scarring event have possibly deterred Baron Cohen from working again? We’re thinking… no.

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