Brüno Made Teen-Friendly

July 14, 2009 by  
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s mockumentary Brüno has undergone another edit in order to tap into the teenage market.

1 minute and 50 seconds of footage was removed so the movie could be given a ‘15’ certificate. It is the first time in history two versions of the same film have shown in cinemas simultaneously.

Brüno’s debut in cinemas nationwide last Friday was the biggest ‘18’ rated film opening of all time, though hordes of teens have been turned away as it was deemed too explicit.

Three scenes have been edited down, though not removed completely; a montage of Brüno mit boyfriend engaging in “exaggerated sexual activity”, another where he mimes sexual activity with a spirit, and one shot of real sex at a swingers party.

Honestly, we’re shocked that only 2 minutes needed to go.

The edited film will go on release on the 24th July. Read our review here.

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