Pope Loves New Harry Potter

July 14, 2009 by  
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The official newspaper of Vatican City, Losservatore Romano, has reported that the Pope approves of the latest Harry Potter movie.

The series has not always been popular with religious figures or groups but this time around it has been said that the Pope likes the treatment of sacrifice and adolescent love.

Losservatore Romano reports that the 6th instalment in the series makes clear that the force of good “requires costs and sacrifice”.

The article also claimed that, “In addition, the fitful search for immortality epitomised by Voldemort is stigmatised.”

There have been several attempts at banning the books from the US and UK citing that the adventures of a wizard incites children to use witchcraft and promotes Satanism. In the documentary film Jesus Camp the preacher Becky Fisher openly condemns the books calling Harry Potter the Devil.

Hopefully, this vote of confidence from the Pope should silence some of the book and film’s harshest critics.

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