Resident Evil 4 Underway

July 17, 2009 by  
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The zombie action series Resident Evil is to commence filming on its fourth instalment in September.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is scheduled to begin filming in September, but this time the story will take place in Tokyo.

The end of the last film saw dozens of clones of Milla Jovovich wake up and get ready to travel to Japan. While the action takes place in Japan, an 8-week block has been scheduled in a studio in Toronto. Looks like the economy is still affecting Hollywood productions.

Written by action and monster movie writer, Paul W. S. Anderson, the film is said to be darker than the previous three. While Anderson directed the original movie and has written the script for each movie, he’s not back to direct again and no one else is currently in the frame for it.

Though there are also only rumours of casting, given the franchise and the ending of the last film, it’s pretty much a given that Milla Jovovich will be back. Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame is rumoured to play the part of Leon S. Kennedy.

The movie is set for a September 2010 release.

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