DC Comics Fights Marvel With… Aquaman?!

July 20, 2009 by  
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After the success of pretty much all of the Marvel superhero movies, Warner Bros has decided to give them a run for their money, using the DC Comics characters that it owns.

Warner Bros. will be pushing the Justice League hero, Aquaman, back into development after being stalled for a few years. Aquaman is pretty much the sidekick of the rest of the Justice League because his powers are by and large, useless. He has the ability to live underwater and to communicate with sealife. Oooooh.

Marvel’s latest success story has been Iron Man and its upcoming sequel, whereas DC’s only real cinematic success has been the latest Batman movies. And that’s about it. Warner Bros. failed to make a success with The Spirit and Watchmen and most credit Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger as the reasons being The Dark Knight being a hit.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Tree Media Group, is said to be involved in the project so the film is probably going to be an eco message movie. Sounds like fun.

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