G.I. Joe Franchise Discussed

July 23, 2009 by  
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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hasn’t even hit the big screen yet but there is already talk of a franchise based around the Real American Hero.

In yesterday’s press conference, producer of the flick Lorenzo di Bonaventura confessed he enjoyed making the movie so much that it is likely there will be a sequel, with more to follow.

He said: “What’s great about [G.I.] Joe is that there’s a really deep mythology… some people think of it as [just] a toy. It’s not, it’s a great comic book and animated series that we drew from. The good news for us is that there’s almost an infinite number of stories because the creator decided never to kill the character off”.

He continued: “All the characters have these deep-seated back stories, and so we hope the success of this [film] will lead to a second movie”.

Regardless of “back-stories”, we’re sure scores of hormonally-charged 13-year-old boys will flock to watch Rachel Nichols in skin-tight leather over and over.

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