Snyder Updates Us On 300 Sequel

July 27, 2009 by  
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At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, 300 director Zack Snyder spoke about the progress of the sequel that he’s working on with graphic novelist, Frank Miller.

Fanboys might hold a grudge against Snyder for his recent movie adaptation of Watchmen but no one can deny that 300 was awesome and a sequel would be very welcome. You may or may not want to club Snyder over the head with the largest mallet you can find, but he is slated to direct the sequel while Miller is still writing the novel.

Snyder has said that Miller will write the novel which will then be turned into a script so it will be truer adaptation of Miller’s vision. “The thing that I’m trying to do is duplicate, in some ways, the process of making 300 originally. I really don’t want Frank to write the graphic novel thinking about it like it’s going to be a movie. I want to make a piece of art the way he does.’

When asked if we would see Spartan King Leonidas again, who died in the last film, Snyder said,’ You might, you might, he’s around doing stuff.’

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