Wolfman Release Date Pushed Back Again

July 29, 2009 by  
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Benicio Del Toro’s new film, The Wolfman, has changed its release date for the fourth and what we hope will be the final time.

Initially the remake of the Universal classic was set to land in February this year. Then it was pushed to April which then was shoved to November. With many people thinking that November would be the perfect month for a spooky monster movie to drop but apparently Universal disagreed.

Now The Wolfman will open for Valentine’s day weekend 2010; a full year past its original date. According to Universal, the move was a money based decision. Their research indicated that people will spend more money on cinema trips in February than in November.

Universal will also have to fend off negative press, given the production’s troubled past, rumours are floating around that the film isn’t finished and needs reshoots. There was also talk recently of the change in design of the wolfman makeup.

Perhaps this is the real reason they’ve pushed it back? Sneaky Universal, very sneaky.

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