District 9 Review: Slumprawn Extraordinaire

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DISTRICT 9: On General Release across the UK from Friday 4th September 2009

Aligning a fledgling movie with the name of a big-shot director is a tenuous, cheeky and arguably disastrous move.

The Orphanage
gained instant global recognition for its alliance with Guillermo Del Toro, but suffered from a tonal difference that resulted in many feeling duped into what was essentially a shameless marketing trick.

So shoehorning Peter Jackson’s globally recognisable moniker onto every bit of promotional gear going left me somewhat dubious about District 9.

After watching it however, I have a sneaky suspicion that it may well be Mr Jackson who’ll soon need to start preceding his movies with ‘Presented by Neill Blomkamp’, because District 9 is the pulse-cannon fired shot in the arm this summer needed. Read More…

Teasing Titles: Top 10 Misleading Movie Names

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300x210_wolvesRemember those old Ronseal adverts on the tellybox?

They proclaimed that it did exactly what it said on the tin and we think movies should be the same.

We’re not saying that we want movies to be called, ‘Moderately Funny Romcom’ or ‘Pretty Crap But Good Explosions’, though that would make deciding what to see on a Friday night much easier.

For example, we would expect a movie that has a title of ‘Big Booby Sex Aliens’ to at the very least have C cup action.

All we’re asking for is a title that tells us a little bit of what we’re in for and we don’t think that’s too much to ask.

If you hop on over to our review of Funny People you’ll see why we’re a little annoyed at its title. It’s just not that funny, well, not funny enough to warrant the word funny in it’s title.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to tell you the other movies that can’t Look us in the eye in the morning?

In The Loop Interview: Jesse Armstrong

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Mr. Jesse Armstrong has been providing us with top notch comedy for longer than you might realise. Before he was tickling us with the politically-charged delights of In the Loop and The Thick of It with Armando Iannucci, he co-wrote Peep Show with pal Sam Bain, and even penned an episode of CITV favourite My Parents Are Aliens.

As the DVD form of the lauded In the Loop flies into stores this week (win it here!), we caught up with him for the skinny on swearing consultants, James Gandolfini and the future of The Thick of It.

And a jolly nice chap he was too. Enjoy. Read More..

(500) Days Of Summer Music Video – Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him

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Everyone here at OTB has been lucky to see (500) Days Of Summer and we can honestly say it’s the first film in a long time where we’ve not had to resort to stapler fights and SPAM wars to reach an agreement.

We all agree – it’s bloomin’ brilliant.

So we’ve decided to share the love with this quirky, grin-inducing music video starring the leads, directed by the movie’s director and performed by the stunningly pretty Zooey Deschanel herself.

(500 Days Of Summer) is on general release across the UK from Wednesday 2nd September 2009.

Mesrine Public Enemy No.1 Review: You Don’t Know Jacques

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2 300x210Mesrine Public Enemy No.1: On General Release From 28th August 2009

Vincent Cassel returns as French firecracker Jacques Mesrine in the follow up to Killer Instinct that was released only a few weeks ago.

Filmed back to back, these two are seamlessly joined together with the same current of style, sex and shoot outs.

We last saw Mesrine constantly evading capture from French and Canadian authorities while going on a rampage with girlfriend Jeanne.

We catch up with Mesrine back in France where he is about to stand trial for various atrocities but there’s no way he’s going down without a fight. He quickly finds that the quickest way out of a courtroom is with a Monkey? Vegetarian? Swiss Army knife?

The Final Destination 3D Review: Pointlessness In A Whole New Dimension

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THE FINAL DESTINATION 3D: On general release across the UK from Friday 28th August 2009

The Final Destination series is like a magician’s sleeve.

As ever more films are plucked from it like soiled handkerchiefs, it becomes progressively more predictable until you’d really rather go watch the clowns – even that would be less painful.

This newest installment dropped from producer and “driving force” Craig Perry’s braingina aims to suckle at the teat of mindless horror but seems to have been wrenched away too young, resulting in a runt-like manchild of a film that leaves the viewer uncertain of whether it is intended as parody or serious thriller.

The storyline is a semi-developed mess, in which the main character’s pivotal ability to vaguely predict the gruesome deaths of his friends and associates is never explained and the relationships between the main characters are, at best, superficial whilst others stall before they’ve even begun the uphill struggle to credibility. Read More…

Cult Fave Heathers To Be TV Show

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We’re not quite sure what the turning point was for Winona Ryder but if you think her most recent movies aren’t that good, remind yourself of her chops by rewatching Heathers.

And Reality Bites while you’re at it. You should probably take another look at Mermaids as well.

But in the grand tradition of not having any original ideas, TV bosses have decided to revive Nona’s big hit Heathers and bring it to the small screen. The tale of rebellious teens murdering the in-crowd will be adapted by Mark Rizzo and Sex and The City scribe Jenny Bicks.

Before this news there was a lot of speculation over a movie sequel to the 1988 original but apparently this seemed like a better way to go. Christian Slater who appeared with Nona in the movie was rumoured to appear in a sequel as an ‘Obi Wan’ type of role but there’s been no confirmation. We wish there would be; he’s still good looking enough for us to swoon over him like we were teenagers again.

Things may not be great for Winona in terms of quality movies but we hope she doesn’t stoop to doing a recurring role in this show; definitely a step down.

Inception Trailer

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Inception sees a man become involved in a murder of the mind when he starts to see visions of a crime unfold. The latest from Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard.

Inception is on general release across the UK from next year.

Jennifer’s Body Viral

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Starring Megan Fox (Transformers; How To Lose Friends & Alienate People) and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia; Mean Girls), JENNIFER’S BODY is a sexy, dark comedy balancing chills with the witty humour of Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the 2008 smash hit Juno.

When a gorgeous cheerleader (Fox) becomes possessed by a demon force, her bookish lifelong best friend (Seyfried) must take drastic measures to protect their small town from the seductive teenager’s insatiable appetite for high school boys.

Jennifer’s Body is on general release across the UK from 6th November 2009.

Encounters At The End Of The World Trailer

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A dramatic and awe-inspiring account of life on Antarctica, this polar adventure captures some of the world’s most breath-taking scenery and previously unseen wildlife, using techniques that go beyond anything yet explored by any other nature team. Narrated by Herzog himself, his passion and desire to discover the unexplored and share it with the rest of the world is obvious. Over the course of his journey, Herzog looks at the exceptional human and rare animal life who choose to form a community as far away from civilization as one can get. A truly uplifting film, ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD will leave viewers captivated by life in this previously unobserved part of our planet.

Encounters At The End Of The World is on DVD release across the UK from 31st August 2009.

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