Daily Show Svengalis Team Up In Paramount Deal

August 6, 2009 by  
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John Oliver and Rory Albanese, writers of Comedy Central (or More4)’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart have signed a blind script deal with Paramount.

“It’s completely blind,” Oliver said. “The contractual details are that they have to physically close their eyes and keep them closed between now and whenever we deliver the final script. That way, when they eventually open them, they will either be pleasantly surprised or throw themselves out of the window.”

Albanese, also executive producer on the show, added: “Actually, I didn’t realize it was that intense until John just said that. I thought they just gave us free money for a half-baked idea.”

So what was the pitch?

“We pitched it as being the most critically acclaimed and profitable movie in Hollywood history,” Oliver said. “They were particularly interested in the second part of that. As to exactly what it will be, I think it’s far too early for those trifling details.”

Oliver and Albanese are also planning to form a production venture to create feature and television projects.

It’s all ever so tantalising. Watch this space.

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