‘Machete’ Movie Gets Cast

August 6, 2009 by  
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Robert Rodriguez, the director of Planet Terror, has released cast details of his upcoming action movie, Machete.

Fans of Rodriguez will know the name Machete from a fake trailer he made for the Grindhouse movies which he created with Quentin Tarantino. The trailer showed the story of a Mexican Federale, Machete, who gets double crossed by an American Politician. Machete then goes on the rampage and balls-out action ensues.

If the real film is anything like the fake trailer, it will be a massive success and news of the cast is already creating a lot of buzz.

Steven Segal, Ray Liotta, Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Alba have all signed on, though we have to say, we’re a little worried about Lohan. Freckles and burning Mexican sunshine don’t go well together.

Robert De Niro is also rumoured to appear, as well as Michelle Rodriguez of The Fast and The Furious. Rumour also has it that Rodriguez is trying to wedge his girlfriend, Rose McGowan, into the picture. Somebody should tell him that she’s not right for every single movie he does.

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