Wolverine 2 heading to Japan

August 11, 2009 by  
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Hugh Jackman has revealed that planning for a second Wolverine film is well underway.

Although this year’s first instalment, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was met with mixed reviews, it is thought that Marcus’ success on Big Brother has caused an upsurge in calls for a sequel.

Some fans were less than happy with the original film, but this will matter little to producers who are still counting box office receipts from the spring, which are expected to rise beyond $350m worldwide.

Comic nuts will at least be pleased to hear that Jackman confirmed the film will be set mostly in Japan, as plans to base the story around the acclaimed four-issue-mini-series written by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont continue.

The Australian actor revealed that his character will be heading East to learn fighting and philosophy – probably in that order.

“That’s a movie I’ve longed to make from the beginning,” Jackman told MTV. “I think the fans love that saga, and it’s my favourite…so that’s where we’re heading.”

Fans will also probably love it a little bit more if it’s a film about just Wolverine and doesn’t include a confusing ensemble of other strange mutants.

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