Warner Bros. Builds Lego Movie

August 12, 2009 by  
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And the stupid just keeps coming.

Warner Bros. have decided, in all their glorious wisdom, to make a movie from a toy that never even had a plotline; Lego. Because Hollywood writers can’t stop playing with their kids’ toys.

Making up a story for the building blocks are writers Dan and Kevin Hageman and the film will apparently be animation and live action. Lego in live action? Well we’re not quite sure how that’s gonna work but we’ll keep an open mind.

We’re wondering who will be cast as the little Lego people with the helmet hair and no physical evidence of gender.

This comes as no surprise, ever since a movie for the 80s View Master toy was announced and the dire G.I. Joe movie, we’ve been waiting for the next stupid toy movie to arrive and we weren’t disappointed.

No word on if it’ll be set in Legoland though.

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