Robert Downey Jr. Takes On Lestat

August 17, 2009 by  
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Anne Rice’s series of novels, ‘The Vampire Chronicles’, are heading back to the big screen with Robert Downey. Jr as the vampire, Lestat De Lioncourt.

We first saw the books come to life with Interview With A Vampire in 1994, with Tom Cruise playing Lestat and Brad Pitt playing sensitive vampire, Louis. The film had a sequel with The Queen Of The Damned with Stuart Townsend in the role in 2002.

It’s not clear which book of Rice’s 10 book series will be adapted for the new film, but Downey is keenly interested in Lestat, the vicious but seductive lead vampire rather than any other character. Though Downey is still in negotiations, we imagine that the contract will be open for a franchise. We just hope it fares better than The Queen Of The Damned, which was a huge disappointment to Rice’s fans.

No word on how Twilight’s Robert Pattinson had taken the news.

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