Dirty Dancing Remake Announced *Groan*

August 19, 2009 by  
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Is nothing sacred anymore?

Production Weekly, an online movie publication, posted on their twitter account that Lionsgate Films will be remaking the 1987 hit movie, Dirty Dancing.

We just have one question. Why? Haven’t we suffered enough with the remakes already?

The movie will be based on a new script written by Julia Dahl, screenwriter of Uptown Girls, the Brittany Murphy movie you don’t remember. We’ll probably watch it just to mock it but we all know it won’t be a patch on Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman, living it up in the 60s.

Apparently the industry didn’t receive the memo on Dirty Dancing that we sent out. It went something like, ‘Don’t bloody touch this film or we’ll throw anthrax at your house.’ Nor did they learn their lesson when the sequel to Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights, turned out to be rubbish.

Hopefully they’ll get our next memo: a bag of dog poo set on fire.

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