The Hobbit To Be A Trilogy – Maybe

August 19, 2009 by  
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MarketSaw, a blog focused on all things 3D, has heard from a ‘trusted source’ working on the The Hobbit, that bosses are considering stretching the epic prequel to a trilogy.

When it comes to stories like this, is any more confirmation really necessary? Not for us anyway. This is officially news.

With no little conviction, our mysterious prophet said: “I’m hearing, and it’s only speculation at the moment, that it will be three films. I hear this from lots of people and have seen things to indicate this may be the way it’s heading.”

“Del Toro on Hobbit duty and Jackson on the ‘bridge’ project? Time will tell,” added the little tease.

This news will cause panic and excitement among all fans of the original trilogy. Some claim that there may not be enough relevant material to support a third film (the project was originally set to be a two film series).

We say relevant shmelevant.

Experts are already speculating that material from Tolkien’s sprawling LOTR appendices and The Silmarillion may form a large part of the new instalment, covering the development of Sauron.

Whatever – it all sounds pretty amazing my precious.

This really might be happening, but Brad Pitt is definitely not going to be making an appearance in Sherlock Holmes – well probably not.

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