Robin Williams Keen To Play Susan Boyle

August 25, 2009 by  
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As Susan Boyle tasted the dizzying highs and disturbing lows of the life on Britain’s Got Talent last year, the brightest of us may have realised that a shameless biopic could be in the pipeline.

And who better to play the singer than the man who brought us Mrs Doubtfire?

If the Daily Star is to be believed, Robin Williams has entered the ‘race’ to play SuBo in the story of her life.

“I’ve been asked if I want to play Susan in the movie, I think she’s incredible. That clip of her singing on Britain’s Got Talent was extraordinary, She’s got a really great voice,” he said without laughing.

Meryl Streep was pursued by producers for the role, but seems to have been able to outrun them for now. It seems that Williams has been less fotunate and in a twist of irony, it may be a man that takes the role to the big screen.

Williams, 58, has reportedly learned to mimic Boyle’s dulcet tones on a version of her audition song for the ITV talent show, I Dreamed A Dream.

However some people are already expressing feelings of distaste at the notion of a bloke playing an emotionally frail SuBo.

We just think it’s ridiculous and a tiny bit hilarious.

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