Cult Fave Heathers To Be TV Show

August 27, 2009 by  
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We’re not quite sure what the turning point was for Winona Ryder but if you think her most recent movies aren’t that good, remind yourself of her chops by rewatching Heathers.

And Reality Bites while you’re at it. You should probably take another look at Mermaids as well.

But in the grand tradition of not having any original ideas, TV bosses have decided to revive Nona’s big hit Heathers and bring it to the small screen. The tale of rebellious teens murdering the in-crowd will be adapted by Mark Rizzo and Sex and The City scribe Jenny Bicks.

Before this news there was a lot of speculation over a movie sequel to the 1988 original but apparently this seemed like a better way to go. Christian Slater who appeared with Nona in the movie was rumoured to appear in a sequel as an ‘Obi Wan’ type of role but there’s been no confirmation. We wish there would be; he’s still good looking enough for us to swoon over him like we were teenagers again.

Things may not be great for Winona in terms of quality movies but we hope she doesn’t stoop to doing a recurring role in this show; definitely a step down.

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