Connery Shocked As His Movie Accent Voted Worst Ever!

September 2, 2009 by  
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What we have all suspected for many years has been confirmed – no-one in the movie business murders an accent like Sean Connery.

Indeed the Scotsman seems to have offended such a large proportion of the global fans that he was voted the worst of all time for two different performances by two separate organisations.

Despite winning an Academy Award for his role as Jim Malone in The Untouchables, his Irish-American lilt was voted the worst ever by a US ticket agency.

The level of competition was only highlighted by the news that Empire magazine readers voted his Russian accent as Captain Marko Ramius in the movie Hunt For Red October as the poorest in film history.

There has been mass outrage among the Connery fanbase – they believe that his slant in Highlander should not have been overlooked for such an award.

Kevin Costner’s dismal attempt at a West Midlands accent in Prince of Thieves was voted second worst by the ticket agency, and pleasingly Tom Cruise made it to third for his Irish brogue in Far and Away.

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