Iron Man 2 in 3D?

September 2, 2009 by  
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Iron Man could scarcely rock any harder but we were all a twitter with the news that Iron Man 2 could potentially be in 3D.

Director Jon Favreau revealed that he has 1 minute of the sequel in 3D. The result? Awesome.

Studio bigwigs saw the 1 minute preview and went crazy for it, but there is one problem. Favreau’s cinematographer loves to shoot with film as opposed to digital which means that to put the film in 3D you have to convert it. This process takes a hell of a long time and isn’t cheap.

Perhaps we’ll get a 3D Iron Man movie next time around which means a certain cinematographer could be out of a job. Meh.

Paramount, Marvel and now Disney are shopping around for the best price from 3D converters so maybe we’ll see a Dark Knight style re-release.

Also, if Favreau gets his way, the next installment will in show with IMAX cameras. Looks like he’s really trying to knock Christopher Nolan off of his comic book throne.

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