Pixar Being Sued By Luxo

September 7, 2009 by  
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Who doesn’t love a petulant lawsuit?

Norwegian lamp makers, Luxo AS, are suing Pixar Animation Studios because they’ve been making their own special edition Luxo lamps.

Why have they been doing this? Well back in the day Pixar big boss John Lasseter made a short film featuring father and son Luxo lamps, the short was called Luxo Jr. and has become Pixar’s logo.

Although the parent company, Luxo AS have benefited from world-wide pimpage from the animation giants, when they and co-giant Walt Disney Co. made their own special lamps there was bound to be a smackdown.

Luxo may have overestimated the impact that Pixar’s actions will have after a spokesperson said the case will “cause devastating damage to Luxo and dilute the goodwill which Luxo has built up”. Really?

We’re pretty sure John Lasseter won’t care. He probably didn’t hear when the phone call came through as he was swimming Scrooge McDuck-style in his pool of money.

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