Nic Cage For Hungry Rabbit Jumps

September 8, 2009 by  
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In between making rubbish films and working on his Elvis impersonation, Nicholas Cage at least tries to be the actor he once was.

Today news was announced that one of his upcoming project is called Hungry Rabbit Jumps. Well the title’s not a good start but the plot sounds like an old school action romp that could bring cage back to his roots.

Empireonline describes the plot as ‘A man whose wife is the victim of a violent crime, who becomes involved in an underground vigilante organisation as he tries to deal with the aftermath.’ Ooooh.

It sounds familiar but we’re not too bothered, we’d rather see him in something familiar than in something like Ghost Rider which unfortunately has a sequel that’s coming our way.

Cage does have some good things coming up sooner though: he’ll be in the upcoming Kick-Ass and The Green Hornet. Keep it up, Cage.

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