Obama Mama Panorama

September 8, 2009 by  
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Barack Obama: What a nice boy. He must have been raised well. And Hollywood has taken notice.

A documentary about his mum is currently in the works, helmed by Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation director Charles Burnett.

Titled Stanley Ann Dunham: A Most Generous Spirit, the film will document the life of the Hawaiian woman who raised the President, and according to executive producer Mary Aloe, “gave a lot of backbone to our current President and his compassion to the people”.

Somewhat a pioneer, Stanley Ann Dunham did some philanthropic work in her time, working on the microfinancing of small business entrepreneurs, usually women, who want to help their communities become self-sufficient in the developing world.

The project will begin shooting early next year in Indonesia, Hawaii and Washington, and whether Obama will be involved remains to be seen.

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