Terry Gilliam Has a Pop At Potter

September 9, 2009 by  
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Beardy weirdy filmmaker Terry Gilliam has spoken out about his relief at having not directed the Harry Potter movies.

Gilliam was author JK Rowling’s first choice to be director for her books about the boy wizard but Warner Bros. were nervous about having such a wild-card director helm an expensive project like Potter. Instead they went for a safer option in Home Alone’s Chris Columbus.

Gilliam claims it was a blessing that he was passed over, “That was one of my lucky moments, I would have gone crazy.

“It’s a f***ing factory, working on Harry Potter. It is.”

Gilliam has often been the subject of studio interferences and was glad he didn’t have to suffer that on Potter, “The studios are staking everything on the success of those movies. It was way too expensive. Too much at stake. So they (studio bosses) interfere.”

We can’t help wondering what his version of Potter would have been like in comparison to Columbus’ films which Gilliam described as ‘terrible’ and ‘pedestrian’.

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