Brad Pitt In Sherlock Sequel

September 22, 2009 by  
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While we semi-debunked rumours of Brad Pitt making a special cameo in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, we’re here to provide you with new rumours that he will appear in the sequel.

Brad was rumoured to be in London filming secretive additional scenes for Sherlock as Professor Moriarty, the main villain of the Holmes series, but this turned out to just be speculation.

But apparently the idea of Brad as the baddie seemed like such a good idea that he actually will appear in the sequel.

Despite Sherlock not being released until Boxing Day, director Guy Ritchie has already had a sequel greenlit for production. While it looks certain that the villain will be Moriarty for the second installment, the shadowy figure of Holmes’ nemesis appears in the first movie; was it Brad’s silhouette after all?

And while we can’t wait to see the movie, isn’t it a wee bit early to start planning a sequel? We think Brad might have a change of heart about playing Moriarty should Boxing Day roll around and the movie bombs. We’re also concerned about Brad’s voice; not everyone can do English accents, can they Dick Van Dyke?

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