Mobile Movie ‘Rage’ Goes Worldwide

September 24, 2009 by  
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A whole host of stars and a new innovative way of filmmaking, Rage is getting Internet folk in a right tizzy.

Not heard of it? Well that’s what we’re here for. Here’s the lowdown from the official website:

‘The film consists entirely of a dynamic series of interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone. He goes behind-the-scenes at a New York fashion show during seven days in which an accident on the catwalk turns into a murder investigation.’

Oooooh. It may be indie but don’t be fooled, there are some big names attached to this one: Dame Judi Dench, Jude Law, Steve Buscemi, Lily Cole and Eddie Izzard.

But it doesn’t come as a whole movie; it’s split up into 7 segments. From 28th September you can download the first two segments of the film and then get the rest of the movie in two episode installments each week.

So overall it’ll take a few weeks for you to get the whole picture, like an ongoing whodunnit.

Check out the trailer and the official site for more details.

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