Megan Fox Blows SNL Appearance

September 28, 2009 by  
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She may have gotten some bad press recently but we still love Megan Fox and we’re not gonna let a few ‘dumb as rock’ comments stop us from talking about her.

On Saturday the star of the Transformer movies and the upcoming Jennifer’s Body was the celebrity host of famed US sketch show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Big things were predicted for this episode as it was the premiere of the 35th season of the show, unfortunately it was a bit of a letdown and we’re sure Fox will be taking flak for it for a while.

Each week the host of the show performs an opening monologue and then acts in some of the skits, most of them becoming internet sensations. Dick In A Box, anyone?

But Fox’s skits seemed to show that the star lacks any kind of comedic chops. Though she played a variety of characters they all appeared to play on Fox’s looks and didn’t give her much to do.

We’d give her something to do (Ed’s Note: For the sake of sexual equality, I’d like to make it clear this was a lady who wrote this here piece).

Fox played a Russian bride, a biker chick, an air hostess and someone who answers a personal ad only to be part of a video on how to spice up your bedroom antics.

In the air hostess skit she appeared with actress and SNL regular Kristen Wiig (who’ll be in the upcoming Paul) who definitely does have the chops for comedy, take a look.

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