Toy Story in 3D Review: 3D-lightful

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TOY STORY 3D: On Select Release Friday 2nd October 2009

Not for the first time, James Cameron is about to prove himself one of the most pioneering film-makers of his generation.

When Avatar hits cinemas this December, audiences will be holding their breath – will they be witnessing the beginning of a 3D revolution?

In many ways it is quite fitting that a film which broke through so many boundaries on its original release should be one of the first to give audiences a taste of this exciting new format.

Disney and Pixar are re-releasing Toy Story in 3D this weekend and will follow it with Toy Story 2 in January ahead of their final installment, Toy Story 3, next summer.

But last Friday – like everyone else in Leicester Square Empire – I was wondering if we were on the brink of a new age in cinema or whether this would just be another fad that passes like the wildly unsuccessful Smell-O-Vision experiment.

There can be no doubt that this vision will bring some mainstream films to life in a way that previous generations could not have imagined. Sci-fi fans and a host of others will be licking their lips at the prospect of larger-than-life action, and there was enough in this appetiser to suggest they will not be disappointed.

Incidentally, Toy Story has aged marvellously and lost none of the charm that made it a box office sensation back in the mid nineties. The new version is enhanced by the new format and there are several glimpses of how effective 3D can be, even in the most menial of scenes.

Without the quality of the original material, this might not be worth popping your 3D cherry, but the mix of timeless story-telling and vibrant new ingredients make Toy Story well worth another look.

Whether 3D will work in all genres remains to be seen, but it seems crazy to predict that in a couple of years people will be sitting watching Matthew McConaughey’s latest rom-com wearing special goggles.

Well, apart from all the ladies that is.

Sean Marland

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