Jennifer’s Body Review: Maneater

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jennifer 300x210 JENNIFER’S BODY: On General Release From Friday 6th November 2009

We’ve not been shy about the affection, shall we say, that we have for Megan Fox.

But we’ll also be honest and say that it is most definitely not based on her acting.

The ladies of OTB have admired her ballsy attitude in interviews and the gents have enjoyed her other attributes.

Well now even the ladies are gaga for Fox after seeing the Diablo Cody penned and Karyn Kusama directed Jennifer’s Body. Read More…

Jessica Biel Gets F***ing Engaged

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Looks like Jessica Biel’s next role involves some hard-core premarital lovin.

After a string of virginal romantic comedies, most cringeworthy being I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, the actress is having sex, and lots of it in F**king Engaged, a raunchy comedy about an engaged couple who promises to make luhhhv every day until their wedding.

Julia Brownell, a newbie playwright from the MFA theatre program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, has written the original screenplay with producers Dan Halsted (Garden State), Cameron Brunce and Michelle Purple. Biel will be producing on top of starring in the film.

Tony Scott On Chippendales Biopic

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It seems Tony Scott is taking an interest in muscular male strippers.

In news straight from the left field, Variety reports that the British director is set to helm the as-yet-untitled biopic about Chippendales founder Somen “Steve” Banerjee.

The Bengali immigrant-turned-millionaire entrepreneur’s dark side is the subject of this film. His mad paranoia and criminal nature led him to hang himself in a prison cell just hours before his sentencing.

Lisa Schrager, known for the Heidi Fleiss biopic Pay The Girl, is currently scripting the story. A start date for the film has yet to be announced.

Avatar International Trailer

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If we’re going to be completely honest, we weren’t exactly jazzed after seeing the initial trailers for Avatar.

There was simply nothing ‘wow’ about it – the CGI looked like nothing special, and there was so little plot revealed it just felt like we were watching some very elaborate World Of Warcraft CGI.

We take it all back.

This trailer exhibits plot, decent performances, and surprisingly lifelike CGI (well as lifelike as blue alien creatures can get). Plus, imagine all of those awe-inspiring action shots by way of truly revolutionary 3D.

Crank it up to full screen, watch, and prepare to be blown away.

Ridley Scott Talks Alien Prequel

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Fans of the Aliens franchise (of which there are now about 400 films) were delighted this year when film bosses confirmed that the new prequel to the 1979 film would be directed by Sir Ridley Scott.

Apart from James Cameron (who is a bit busy at the moment) no director has been able to take the premise of face-huggers and chest-bursters to the level the Alien director achieved.

So everyone was obviously very interested to hear him talk about his plans for the upcoming project – and interestingly enough, it’s not set when you think it is…

“It’s a brand new box of tricks,” Sir Ridley told Empire magazine. “We know what the road map is, and the screenplay is now being put on paper.

“The prequel will be a while ago. It’s very difficult to put a year on Alien, but (for example) if Alien was towards the end of this century, then the prequel story will take place thirty years prior.”

This might come as a surprise to many fans who might have expected to find out how ET’s angry relations came to be on LV-426 in the first place.

But it looks like th new film will have a more human focus.

In Ridley we trust.

An Education Review: A Lesson In Acting

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AN EDUCATION: On General Release Across the UK from Friday 30th October 2009

An Education is a witty and snappily paced drama based on journalist Lynn Barber’s memoir which features excellent performances from its cast, notably so from Carey Mulligan, whose performance will almost certainly net her an Oscar.

Set in 1961, before Beatlemania and the swinging 60s changed society forever, Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a 16 year old schoolgirl, is studying hard in a bid to get into Oxford, a place which her controlling father (Alfred Molina) is convinced she should go to.

She yearns to escape her dull lower-middle class suburban life and dreams of culture, art and Parisian joie de vivre. Read More…

‘A Prophet’ Wins London Film Festival

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Well that’s not strictly true, the feature won the festival’s Best Film award after an international jury described it as “a masterpiece”.

Chair of the committee, Angelica Huston added: “With seamless and imaginative story-telling, superb performances and universal themes, in A Prophet, Jacques Audiard has made the perfect film.”

The jury also gave special mention to John Hillcoat’s The Road, praising the piece’s breathtaking vision and profound political statement.

Jack Thorne – screenwriter for the The Scouting Book For Boys - won the award for Best British Newcomer.

At a glamourous closing ceremony hosted by journalist and broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, Ajami and Defamation scooped prizes in the other categories with John Hurt and Souleymane Cisse picking up personal awards for their contributions to British film.

That’s it until next next year folks…

2012 Exclusive Clip – LA Goes Bye Bye

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Roland Emmerich is what you’d call slightly ‘iffy’ when it comes to big budget spectaculars.

No-one can deny the unfettered, timeless genius of Independence Day, Stargate and… erm… Universal Soldier.

But in recent years 10,000BC and Godzilla are what the polite movie critic would call a slight misstep.

His upcoming BLOW THE CRAP OUT OF THE WORLD action movie 2012 – which explores what could really happen if the world ends in December 2012 as the uncannily specific Mayan calendar would have us believe – had us on the fence. Until we saw this clip.

Holy Balls. With this much mindless destruction, we’ll happily sit through hackneyed dialogue and pants ‘characterisation. Hold onto your seats.

2012 will open in cinemas everywhere across the UK from Friday 13th November 2009

This Is It – The 5 Most Shocking Cash-Ins In Film History

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this-is-it-headerFor fans, the untimely passing of Michael Jackson meant the title of his “final curtain call” show took on a whole new meaning.

And so it did for the corporate piggies at Sony. No longer could it mean fifty gigs in London or the return of the King of Pop™, but it could still be a great title for a film that gives us one last chance to see the man doing what made him famous, right?

On 28th October This Is It was released, promising a look back at the rehearsals and build-up to Jacko’s final gigs. There is more than a vague whiff of cashing in on a legacy here, but for many fans this will be irrelevant if the film reflects the legend and lives up to the standards of which we know he was capable.

Whether this is possible remains to be seen, but here at OTB we ask you to be wary. For every biopic that truly captures the essence of its subject matter there are hundreds of absolute shockers, and then there are some that are so poor they should never be forgotten… Read More…

‘SATC 2 Is Like Condensed Soup’ Says Charlotte

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In the whole lexicon of dining metaphors, surely Kristin Davis could have chosen something a little more glamourous to compare the second Sex And The City film to than condensed soup.

But publicity bods will be furrowing their brows this morning after the 44-year-old actress who plays Charlotte York-Goldenblatt started referring to the new movie as gelatinous blob from a can.

Davis told MTV: “This one is not going to be that long. It’s like condensed soup. It’s different, and adventurous and rich, and there’s music involved.”

Music?! What will those film-makers think of next!

“When it comes out, you’re going to know what I’m talking about”, she added.

“I can’t tell you right now, except to say that they are huge scenes with like hundreds of people in them! And there were more costume changes in the first film than there are in the second one.”

That’s always the mark of a good film.

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