Robot Chicken Season 2 DVD Review: Finger-Lickin’ Satire

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ROBOT CHICKEN SEASON 2 DVD: On general DVD release from Monday 28th September 2009

As anyone who has seen that clip of an apoplectic Christian Bale will testify, there really aren’t many things funnier than watching superheroes swear at members of the public.

Watching My Little Pony bring on the apocalypse is also pretty amusing – where else could such a situation be manifest but in the crazily hilarious universe of Robot Chicken?

The second season from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich builds effortlessly on the first and fans will be pleased to see that they seem to be sitting on a gold mine of ideas.

Admittedly, with the whole lexicon of eighties pop-culture to chose from, inspiration should not be difficult to find but it’s the razor-sharp banter which sets it apart from any rivals the show might have (are there any?).

The snapshot episodes are also perfect for a generation which has seen its attention span chronically eroded by a galaxy of TV channels, and I wouldn’t recommend watching too many of these brief sequences in one helping as you might be numbed to the subtlety of these wacky sketches.

Fans of the first series who remember Optimus Prime’s battle with Prostate Cancer with fondness will be relieved to know that this new batch lives up to those highly set standards nicely.

Particular highlights of the second helping include a jedi George W. Bush and the sequel to Schindler’s List – Schindler’s P****d, but it’s possible to discover personal favourites in clips which lasts for only a few seconds.

Obviously this makes picking and choosing the best parts an act of utter folly – this is simply a veritable treasure trove of take-down satire.

The DVD extras are also excellent and boast some excellent deleted scenes and additional material in which Seth Green hilariously explains why the episodes are so short (It’s just common sense really).

Once you’ve watched this the world of film and TV will never be the same.

Sean Marland

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